Unusual libraries

As the person who was studying librarianship and working in the Library, I feel the mission to talk about the architectural beauty of the libraries and their important role in our lives. Probably the word “mission” sounds too pompously 🙂 – I just love the libraries and want talk about them.

There are different reasons why people are using libraries` services or just want to come in and look what is inside. One of this reason is BUILDING – some people prefer traditional libraries, where is quite cold, you feel the smell of books and the observation of curious librarian, other – prefer modern libraries, where you can drink coffee, talk with friends, use internet and lose among open shelves of books. Interesting, but more and more couples want to celebrate their weddings or at least to make some photos in front/inside the library.

Enjoy some interesting architectural concepts of the libraries.

Czech National Library, Prague, Czech Republic © Image via

The Royal Danish Library (the Black Diamond), Copenhagen, Denmark © Image by Joachim Ladefoged via

Kansas City Public Library, Missouri, USA © Image via

Stuttgart City Library, Germany © Image by Victor Brigola via

Central Library (UNAM Biblioteca Central) of the National Autonomous University, Mexico © Image via


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