Taste of pre war Białystok and Poznań from 19th century

During last week I visited two beautiful cities of Poland: Białystok and Poznań. I fall in love with some traditional food and drink, which these cities provide: it is so called Buza and Rogal świętomarciński.

In Białystok I just wanted to drink something cold. In a cozy café, while reading the menu, I saw the picture of Buza. It did not look tasty …. But I decided to try, because it was written that it is regional product. And it is really cheap 🙂 After I tasted the Buza, I did not want any more refreshing drinks – it was so delicious!

Buza is a fresh and a little bit sour-sweet fermented drink made from millet porridge, which is usually served with raisins and/or halva. Buza appeared in the city because of Macedonians and was well-liked drink in pre war Białystok.

© Image via

If Buza does not look tasty, but it is – then when you see Rogal świętomarciński (St. Martin’s Croissant) your eyes want to eat it immediately. Rogal świętomarciński is named by the Poznań`s patron Martin and is baked since 1891. Come to Poznań and spoil yourself with appetizing dessert, which is filled with dried fruits, nuts and poppy seeds.

© Image by Portal Miasta Poznania via

Bon appétit!


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