Rainbow of the books

As an information specialist, who worked in the Library for some years, I am very interested in the books – but not only like information source, but also like an element of interior design. Even in the age of e-books a lot of people still have traditional paper books. Sometimes they even have too many books and do not know what to do with them. There is a resort! You can organize your books by color!

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I like such way of grouping books and will for sure organize my books by colors in the near future. It is great way to be eco – you do not have to throw away the books, which you do not need any more, and to change the look of your room with minimum efforts – just using your imagination!

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Do not forget that you always can change the way your books are presented in the home and organize them differ way – for example by size, weight or volume, on topic or alphabetical way. Let’s be creative!

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4 responses

  1. haha what a creative idea! My son’s book collection is growing and I needed an idea to organize them – now that they exceed one book shelf… I’ll have to try this!

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