Educational game about the shopping in Poland in the 80`s

Dear Friends, do you know what is the best present for your mom, which will educate you about Poland, unify all members of the family and give you all a lot of fun? The answer is – it is “Kolejka”! “Kolejka” (eng. Queue) is a board game about the life in Poland at the tail-end of the communist era.

© Image by Katarzyna Hołopiak via 

The simple idea of the game is that players (from 2 to 5) have a shopping list (for example, clothing, food and so on) to buy. The problem is that it is not so easy to do it: first of all you have to find your place in a queue in the front of the shop without any idea if this shop will has a delivery today and only then to buy … but here are another problems – shops are closed, everyone wants to be first… even if you are the first one in the queue, do not be so happy, because the woman, who was standing at the and of queue can be with a child (there is a card “Mother carrying small child”) – it means that you have to give her your place. There are a lot of other interesting cards in the game: for example “This is not your place, sir”, “Delivery errors”, “Under-the-counter goods“ or „Closed for stocktaking“.

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While shopping you have always to pay attention to speculators, who can buy the things from shops and then sell them more expensive in the market. There are a lot of difficulties, but you have no choice – you have to get these items!

© Image by Katarzyna Hołopiak via 

Educational game “Queue”, which was published by the Institute of National Remembrance (author – Karol Madaj), was chosen by industry experts as the “Game of the Year 2012”.

Now “Queue” is available in 6 languages: Polish, Russian, English, German, Spanish and Japanese.

Enjoy the shopping in the 80`s! Discover the Poland!


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