It is perfect time for wedding

Autumn is knocking to the doors and bringing changes to our lives – new friends, new career opportunities, new journeys, new ideas … or so expected “YES!” 🙂 If you are planning wedding this Autumn, you are lucky one, the bridal dresses are so beautiful and romantic. Wish you to find Your dress, which is waiting for you! Maybe it is among some images below… ?

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Everyday life in Polish palaces and mansions

Bookstores are offering so many books nowadays and sometimes it is too difficult to find Your Book. But not today! I found so interesting book for myself and want to share first comments about its content with you 🙂

It is the book with original title “W salonie i w kuchni. Opowieść o kulturze materialnej pałaców i dworów polskich w XIX w.” written by Elżbieta Kowecka. Will try to translate the title, but want to apologize in advance the author of the book if my translation will not be correct. The title is “In the salon and kitchen. The story about material culture of Polish palaces and mansions in XIX c.” and you can guess what is this book about. I think it is so curious to know what ladies and gentlemen were eating, how were they spending their free time, what were they wearing, what kind of things and what for were using more than 200 year ago?! The answers to all these and even more questions you can find in this book.

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Did you know that:

“During the first quarter of XIX c. the Christmas tree started being set for Christmas in the salons of Polish palaces and mansions. This habit came to Poland from Germany and soon became a part of tradition” (p. 107).

“Elegant ladies often were starting their day from the cup of chocolate with cinnamon or vanilla, while men – from glass of vodka” (p. 177).

“Household were wearing ceremonial clothes for the dinner – even if there were no guests” (p. 179).

“Accounting belonged to basic duties of wife and mother” (p. 240).

More interesting and useful facts you will find in the book of Elżbieta Kowecka.

Enjoy reading! Highly recommend!

From autumn till summer – from chair to chair

Autumn is closer and closer… Close your eyes and imagine falling leaves of trees – imagine their colors! It is so beautiful – yellow, red, brown, orange, some green… Don`t you want to enjoy such view at home? Choose colored chairs soon and create your season of the year: golden autumn, green spring or rainbow summer. If you prefer white winter – you can always add off-white colors in your life!

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Old-fashioned kitchen drawers

White kitchen is always beautiful, but white kitchen with original drawers even more. What do you think about some old-fashion mood in the kitchen? Do you remember such drawers (see image below – commode on the right side)? My grandmother had something similar 🙂 Personally, I like such drawers very much and dreaming about them to organize vegetables, fruits and other things in my kitchen in funny and practical way!

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Waterfalls in stairs and the game of colors

Some days in Czech Republic and Germany inspired me to change some stereotypes and like pastel colors even more. First of all, red on red can be very tasty and stylish!

View from Budweiser Brewery tour © Image by lenarrange

The balconies can look differ and attract others attention.

View of the houses in Czeskie Budziejowice © Image by lenarrange

Powder pink and pastel green is very female and warm colors.

View of the street in Passau © Image by lenarrange

View of the street in Tábor © Image by lenarrange

Handmade toys can play the main role in our homes like the decoration accent.

View from the stay in Český Krumlov © Image by lenarrange

Let`s play with colored floor tiles!

View of the street in Passau © Image by lenarrange

Sometimes incompatibles can be compatible!

View of the stairs in Brno © Image by lenarrange

Stop for one minute

There is a day in a year when people in Warsaw are so united: during the 1st of August people pay honor to the Heroes, who were fighting for the freedom during Warsaw Uprising in 1944.

The Warsaw Uprising lasted 63 days and cost over 200 000 lives… The memory about this heroic and tragic struggle is honorably preserved not only in the hearts of people, but also protected by Warsaw Uprising Museum (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego).

I had an opportunity to visit this Museum some weeks ago. It is the place where time stops and emotions overcrowd you… It is the place for thoughtfulness and history… The place which I recommend to visit!

Warsaw Uprising Museum © Image via

Some minutes or hours (it depends on you) in the Museum will bring you back to the past, will give you answers to some questions and possibilities to fill the culture of 1944.

Warsaw Uprising Museum has very special souvenirs. I could not pass through the “Replica of prewar espresso cup from the Warsaw “Ziemiańska” café” – it is so sweet and specific for that times. The original cup you can find in the Museum exposition.

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Have a break – think about the history – enjoy espresso…

Eyeglasses to emphasize your beauty

Some of us have to wear eyeglasses, some – just want to wear them like accessory. I belong to the first group… and after my last accident, when I had to buy new glasses for myself, I discovered how many beautiful eyeglasses are for women and men nowadays! My advice to everyone who think that eyewear have to be invisible – let`s make our weakness our strength! Find the best eyeglasses for you and highlight your beauty!

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