Stop for one minute

There is a day in a year when people in Warsaw are so united: during the 1st of August people pay honor to the Heroes, who were fighting for the freedom during Warsaw Uprising in 1944.

The Warsaw Uprising lasted 63 days and cost over 200 000 lives… The memory about this heroic and tragic struggle is honorably preserved not only in the hearts of people, but also protected by Warsaw Uprising Museum (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego).

I had an opportunity to visit this Museum some weeks ago. It is the place where time stops and emotions overcrowd you… It is the place for thoughtfulness and history… The place which I recommend to visit!

Warsaw Uprising Museum © Image via

Some minutes or hours (it depends on you) in the Museum will bring you back to the past, will give you answers to some questions and possibilities to fill the culture of 1944.

Warsaw Uprising Museum has very special souvenirs. I could not pass through the “Replica of prewar espresso cup from the Warsaw “Ziemiańska” café” – it is so sweet and specific for that times. The original cup you can find in the Museum exposition.

© Image via

Have a break – think about the history – enjoy espresso…


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