Lazy to go to the library

Today I started my day quite early and had an opportunity to see awaking nature. The first thing, which draw my attention outside was the spider and his cobweb! It was so cute view – it looked like the spider was too lazy to move somewhere 🙂 He was just enjoying good weather and calm morning! Don`t you feel sometimes like this spider? I do 🙂  Sometimes I need book or to find the information, but I am too lazy to go to Library! Do not worry! Nowadays libraries can surprise us and be where we are! Libraries can save our time and money, cheer us up and recover us!

Are you still on vacation? Library is by the you!

Library on the beach © Image via

Are you waiting for your flight now? Library is by the you!

Airport Library © Image via

Do you live in the place, which is far away from the main library? Library is coming to you!

Bibliobus © Image via

Bibliobus © Image via

Do you have only 30 min break for the dinner? Library is very close to you!

Library in the Restaurant or Restaurant in the Library © Image via

Are you ill now (hope not!)? Library is with you!

Library in the Hospital © Image via

Are you eco-friendly? Use unnecessary telephone box for the library purpose!

Library in the Telephone Box © Image via


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