Lazy to go to the library

Today I started my day quite early and had an opportunity to see awaking nature. The first thing, which draw my attention outside was the spider and his cobweb! It was so cute view – it looked like the spider was too lazy to move somewhere 🙂 He was just enjoying good weather and calm morning! Don`t you feel sometimes like this spider? I do 🙂  Sometimes I need book or to find the information, but I am too lazy to go to Library! Do not worry! Nowadays libraries can surprise us and be where we are! Libraries can save our time and money, cheer us up and recover us!

Are you still on vacation? Library is by the you!

Library on the beach © Image via

Are you waiting for your flight now? Library is by the you!

Airport Library © Image via

Do you live in the place, which is far away from the main library? Library is coming to you!

Bibliobus © Image via

Bibliobus © Image via

Do you have only 30 min break for the dinner? Library is very close to you!

Library in the Restaurant or Restaurant in the Library © Image via

Are you ill now (hope not!)? Library is with you!

Library in the Hospital © Image via

Are you eco-friendly? Use unnecessary telephone box for the library purpose!

Library in the Telephone Box © Image via

Everyday life in Polish palaces and mansions

Bookstores are offering so many books nowadays and sometimes it is too difficult to find Your Book. But not today! I found so interesting book for myself and want to share first comments about its content with you 🙂

It is the book with original title “W salonie i w kuchni. Opowieść o kulturze materialnej pałaców i dworów polskich w XIX w.” written by Elżbieta Kowecka. Will try to translate the title, but want to apologize in advance the author of the book if my translation will not be correct. The title is “In the salon and kitchen. The story about material culture of Polish palaces and mansions in XIX c.” and you can guess what is this book about. I think it is so curious to know what ladies and gentlemen were eating, how were they spending their free time, what were they wearing, what kind of things and what for were using more than 200 year ago?! The answers to all these and even more questions you can find in this book.

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Did you know that:

“During the first quarter of XIX c. the Christmas tree started being set for Christmas in the salons of Polish palaces and mansions. This habit came to Poland from Germany and soon became a part of tradition” (p. 107).

“Elegant ladies often were starting their day from the cup of chocolate with cinnamon or vanilla, while men – from glass of vodka” (p. 177).

“Household were wearing ceremonial clothes for the dinner – even if there were no guests” (p. 179).

“Accounting belonged to basic duties of wife and mother” (p. 240).

More interesting and useful facts you will find in the book of Elżbieta Kowecka.

Enjoy reading! Highly recommend!

The most read books in the world

Do you know which books do your friends like to read? Do you know which are the most read books in the whole world? The freelance writer James Chapman knows the answer to these questions – he completed the survey on purpose to present a list of 10 most read books in the world during the last fifty years. The list is based on the number of copies each books was sold.

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Unusual libraries

As the person who was studying librarianship and working in the Library, I feel the mission to talk about the architectural beauty of the libraries and their important role in our lives. Probably the word “mission” sounds too pompously 🙂 – I just love the libraries and want talk about them.

There are different reasons why people are using libraries` services or just want to come in and look what is inside. One of this reason is BUILDING – some people prefer traditional libraries, where is quite cold, you feel the smell of books and the observation of curious librarian, other – prefer modern libraries, where you can drink coffee, talk with friends, use internet and lose among open shelves of books. Interesting, but more and more couples want to celebrate their weddings or at least to make some photos in front/inside the library.

Enjoy some interesting architectural concepts of the libraries.

Czech National Library, Prague, Czech Republic © Image via

The Royal Danish Library (the Black Diamond), Copenhagen, Denmark © Image by Joachim Ladefoged via

Kansas City Public Library, Missouri, USA © Image via

Stuttgart City Library, Germany © Image by Victor Brigola via

Central Library (UNAM Biblioteca Central) of the National Autonomous University, Mexico © Image via

Welcome to lennarange!

Welcome everyone who decided to spend some time on discovering my Blog – Blog about food, interior design, beauty and unique moments in my life!

Glad to see You here 🙂

I am the cheerful PhD from Lithuania, who for the last ten years lived in the world of Communication & Information and was working in the best library in the whole world – Vilnius University Library. One day I had to make, probably, the most serious and significant decision in my life: to leave everything in Lithuania and move to Poland. After two years spent in Tychy I can say, that it was right choice!

My credo is – Life is Beautiful! There is no better time to start new activity, to rearrange house, to learn new things and to hug the Person who is by the You than NOW!

I would like to share my knowledge, experience, remarks and good mood with You. Who knows, maybe You will want to taste Lithuanian food after 🙂

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