Lazy to go to the library

Today I started my day quite early and had an opportunity to see awaking nature. The first thing, which draw my attention outside was the spider and his cobweb! It was so cute view – it looked like the spider was too lazy to move somewhere 🙂 He was just enjoying good weather and calm morning! Don`t you feel sometimes like this spider? I do 🙂  Sometimes I need book or to find the information, but I am too lazy to go to Library! Do not worry! Nowadays libraries can surprise us and be where we are! Libraries can save our time and money, cheer us up and recover us!

Are you still on vacation? Library is by the you!

Library on the beach © Image via

Are you waiting for your flight now? Library is by the you!

Airport Library © Image via

Do you live in the place, which is far away from the main library? Library is coming to you!

Bibliobus © Image via

Bibliobus © Image via

Do you have only 30 min break for the dinner? Library is very close to you!

Library in the Restaurant or Restaurant in the Library © Image via

Are you ill now (hope not!)? Library is with you!

Library in the Hospital © Image via

Are you eco-friendly? Use unnecessary telephone box for the library purpose!

Library in the Telephone Box © Image via


Rainbow of the books

As an information specialist, who worked in the Library for some years, I am very interested in the books – but not only like information source, but also like an element of interior design. Even in the age of e-books a lot of people still have traditional paper books. Sometimes they even have too many books and do not know what to do with them. There is a resort! You can organize your books by color!

© Image via

© Image via

I like such way of grouping books and will for sure organize my books by colors in the near future. It is great way to be eco – you do not have to throw away the books, which you do not need any more, and to change the look of your room with minimum efforts – just using your imagination!

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© Image via

© Image via

Do not forget that you always can change the way your books are presented in the home and organize them differ way – for example by size, weight or volume, on topic or alphabetical way. Let’s be creative!

© Image via

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Unusual libraries

As the person who was studying librarianship and working in the Library, I feel the mission to talk about the architectural beauty of the libraries and their important role in our lives. Probably the word “mission” sounds too pompously 🙂 – I just love the libraries and want talk about them.

There are different reasons why people are using libraries` services or just want to come in and look what is inside. One of this reason is BUILDING – some people prefer traditional libraries, where is quite cold, you feel the smell of books and the observation of curious librarian, other – prefer modern libraries, where you can drink coffee, talk with friends, use internet and lose among open shelves of books. Interesting, but more and more couples want to celebrate their weddings or at least to make some photos in front/inside the library.

Enjoy some interesting architectural concepts of the libraries.

Czech National Library, Prague, Czech Republic © Image via

The Royal Danish Library (the Black Diamond), Copenhagen, Denmark © Image by Joachim Ladefoged via

Kansas City Public Library, Missouri, USA © Image via

Stuttgart City Library, Germany © Image by Victor Brigola via

Central Library (UNAM Biblioteca Central) of the National Autonomous University, Mexico © Image via