Šakotis or just branched tree

It is always a question – what to bring for a present to the friends? But not for me and not when I am going to visit my parents in Lithuania. The best present from Lithuania is a Šakotis, even if some kind of this cake you can find in Poland and other countries of Europe.

Šakotis is amazing, very special and tasty cake, which first of all surprises us its shape. This cake looks like a tree with many branches 🙂 You can find it very small and very high, plain or with different ornaments.

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I think You are curious to know how Šakotis, especially the high one, is made. Oh, it is very interesting process! If You are planning to visit Lithuania, I suggest you to choose the excursion, during the which you will see how this cake is baked by painting layers of dough onto a rotating spit in a special open oven or over an open fire, try to do it by yourself and taste it from the open oven!

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Šakotis is popular not only like a souvenir, but also like a main cake during the wedding. Personally I  had it during my wedding 🙂


Džiugas for the strong friendship

Džiugas can become your best friend – you just have to make first step toward it! You can find Džiugas in Polish markets among other cheeses. Even if you think you do not like cheese, like my husband thought before, try it – you will not forget the unique, reach and exceptional taste of this cheese.

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Legendary cheese Džiugas is ascribable to the hard types of cheeses and is aged no less than 12, 18, 36 and 48 months. From the 1985 till nowadays the Džiugas received the recognition and positive evaluation of consumers from Lithuania and abroad. And the most important fact – this cheese is produced in Lithuania by the company “Žemaitijos pienas“ 🙂

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If you want to give unrepeatable and gourmet taste to your dishes and surprise friends, just add Džiugas to your favourite dishes: pasta, pizza, salads, sauces, soups desserts … But to my mind, the best way to enjoy this cheese is very simple – broken (no cutting with knife!) cheese, some honey and glass of wine…. Yummy!

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In the article of Jolanta Vitkutė I found information, that most people, who like cheese, are notable scientists and artists. So, do you like cheese? 🙂

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